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Recombinant antibodies (rAb) are important tools for biomedical research and they are increasingly being used as clinical diagnostic and therapeutic reagents. Currently, antibody genes can be easily and quickly cloned, genetically manipulated, and expressed to produce rAbs to any interesting targets because DNA recombinant technology becomes mature and antibody genes, function and structure are more clear than any other stage.

Straight question you may ask is why do I need to make an rAb (See why rAb). Simple answer is that you could obtain antibodies and its genes simultaneously and quickly. rAb’s open ways to build genetic links between antibodies and genes. You are not restricted by using antibody only without knowing anything about its gene. With its genes, you can do a lot of things.  A successful demonstration for example in the field was to make a GFP-fusion antibody that combined GFP fluorescence with binding characteristics of antibodies by recombinant antibody technology.

Three platforms are established and applied to produce recombinant antibodies (rAb) to a variety of targets:

  1. rAb selection from random library;
  2. rAb selection from target-specific library;
  3. rAb selection from activated cells.

We provide customer’s rAb with very flexible options and packages as each platform focuses on See more detail in Service package and option.

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