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  One Client has worked on viral particle for many years. He defined that one viral protein from the virus has a very special biological feature. That is to form as virus like particle and efficiently assemble DNA, so it can deliver DNA into target for gene therapy. They also used rabbit pAb and mAb to study the particle.  To specifically reach the site, they required to first develop highly specific rAb to the protein, then make rAb-RGD fusion molecule that has dual functions.
Aim: To produce bis-functional molecule by incorporating RGD domain into identified rAb gene.

Experimental Show:

Ab Typical Case

Outcome: scFv was directly selected and screening from identified hybridoma, while they decided to make pAb in both rabbit and mice. Through the process, client had flexible options to define suitable scFv from its available pool. Obviously, the client greatly benefited from the big and continuous project through our package offer in the end.
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