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Antibody Engineering (Ab-Eng) is the efficient way to create a functional antibody with a suitable size by using DNA recombinant technology. As long as an antibody gene becomes available, the gene can be purposely engineered or modified in vitro to obtain a desirable antibody with biological activity. Mainly, that is to reformat antibody fragments (Fc-scFv, Bis-Ab and so on) by using characterized-well rAb, such as Fab, scFv and etc.  These include antigen binding region discovery, fusion molecules with dual or multiple functions, humanization, antibody fragment to full immunoglobulin. Antibody animation structurally demonstrates each part derived from the antibody.

Unique Feature with flexible options
    •    Improve rAb function
    •    Create multiple functional molecules
    •    Multiple antibody fragments for choice
    •    Antibody comes with its gene

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