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The listing antibody-based molecules have brought a huge benefit for fighting human diseases.

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Service Cat# Antibody Engineering Description Timeline / Online quote



Validated mouse or rat mAb is given consideration to be humanized by antibody engineering. The humanization will be initially focused on workable strategy and rational design from case to case mAb gene. The full evaluation will be used as analytic evidence for working out experimental plan and practical running procedure.

2 months



Bi-specific antibody

Two well-characterized scFvs are typically used to further make Bis-Ab with dual functions. The novel molecule will maintain their binding and biological functions. The experimental evaluation will be involved in the beginning to the end.

2 months



Imaging antibody

rAb-based antibody with specific cellular and tissue localization to tumor site is considered to further modify its gene, that is to improve its affinity ,stability, and penetration ability. The antibody is applied to give accurate detection for suffering site in the body.

2 months

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