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So far, we have collected and created three level of pools, from Level I through Level III.

Level I: Antigen Pool

The antigen pool consists of a variety of molecules covering from peptides, proteins, cells and tissues as well as their slides. They are available for customers who do not have these reagents, but would potentially like to use them when running a project with us.

Level II: Antibody Pool

A big collection presented for available format antibodies. They are a great immunological detection source for customers to use for their projects. Details can be linked to the Antibody Pool page.

Level III: Antibody Library Pool

The pool composes of random and target-specific antibody libraries. The libraries created from mouse, human, monkey and other species-based contain a huge list of ligands for studying protein and protein interaction. Of course, they can be applied to quickly define a binder to most interesting targets.

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