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This guide (Table 1 and 2) will help introduce you to ABBIOSCI's full line of services and products developed for all levels of interesting customers. The tables principally show common and unique features of each format antibody. In somesense, it gives you an overview for selecting the right format antibody to match your need. For instance, pAb will be first choice if time and cost are your main concern. The combination of mAb and rAb is a great advantage for developing both a diagnostic and therapeutic antibody.


Table 1. Selection Guideline For Antibody Format
Features and Facts ( 1st Criteria )
Antibody format Specificity Affinity Cross Reactivity Binding Site Amount Timeline Animal Use Antigen Size
pAb Low High High Multiple Limited Short High Big
mAb High Variable Low Single Reproducible Long Low Middle
rAb Very high Variable Very Low Single Variable Less short Relative Low Small
Features and Facts ( 2nd Criteria )
Antibody format Antibody Gene Multiple Antibody Reformatting Antibody with gene Combination Conversion Engineering Ability Flexi-bility Cost
pAb           High
mAb           Low
rAb Relative Low
Table 2. Antibody generation and preparation by using a different antigens
Antigen Antibody Form
Normal peptide Phospho-peptide Protein Cell Serum Cell Supernatant Expression By system Purified Gene
Polyclonal  Antibody (pAb) #       +     +  
#     +     +    
  #   +     +    
    # NA NA NA NA    
Monoclonal  Antibody (mAb) #         +   +  
#       +   +    
  #     +   +    
    #   +   +    
Recombinant  Antibody (rAb) #       NA NA + + +
#     NA NA Not
Not available Not available  
  #       + + +  
    #     + + +  
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