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Abreviations Full Name
Immunoglobulin in human and animal
Ag Antigen, such as peptide, protein, cell and tissue
Ab Antibody, including three main format, pAb, mAb and rAb
pAb Polyclonal Antibody
mAb  Monoclonal Antibody
rAb  Recombinant Antibody
Ab-Eng  Antibody Engineering
scFv  Single Chain Fragment Variable
VH  Heavy Chain Variable region
VL  Light Chain Variable region
Fab/(Fab)2  Antigen binding fragment
Fc  Constant part of antibody
Bis-Ab  Bispecific antibody
VHH  Variable heavy chain fragment
MFAbs  Multi-Format Antibodies
NDS  Narrow-Down System in service section
3Abs  pAb, mAb and rAb
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