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Monoclonal antibody (mAb) is made specifically to recognize a single epitope on an antigen because the mAb come from only one type of cell, the hybridoma cell. So it becomes an important reagents utilized in a variety of experimental techniques in many fields of biomedical research. More importantly, they are potentially more effective than conventional drugs in fighting diseases. For this reason, it has been widely applied to develop therapeutic reagents.
Both rat and mouse mAbs are available for you to choose from . Our unique service can be present by three formats of combination, conversion and modification, pAb to mAb to rAb. That is to give you a flexible option to have three format antibodies to match your needs. It is shown in the following service packages and options.

Unique Feature with flexible options
    •    mAb from fusion in mice or rat
    •    Combining option 1: tested pAb, then mAb
    •    Combining option 2: validated mAb, then rAb
    •    mAb gene from hybridoma

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