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To quickly find out what you need, we specifically designed and set up the Narrow-Down System (NDS).  The NDS can guide you to making a right choice before running your project.  Below is an example from a previous customer who wanted to know these questions.

Our NDS system will quickly and directly establish the link between you and us, so that you can save time in writing an email and we also could instantly figure out what we can do for you. Here is one customer’s request that we selected to give you a better idea of the system.

Dear Custom Service in AbBioSci,

We are interested in making three different monoclonal antibodies to 3 peptides. Here are a few questions that I have:

1. Could you please provide me with a quote and general information about the system/methodology that your             company uses in the development of custom monoclonal antibodies?
2. Since these will be peptide antibodies, does your company offer peptide synthesis service?
3. Could you give me a basic timeline for your antibody projects?
4. Do you offer any discounts on multiple antibody projects?
5. Has your company ever produced an antibody for someone at Johns Hopkins, if so, could you provide me with       their contact info as a reference?

Your Sincerely

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