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Background: A customer cloned, expressed and purified protein by using a bacterial system. The protein came with GST-Tag. Its purity was over 90% as verified in staining SDS-PAGE. Only one main band with right size (28 kDa) was observed. The customer required whether we could produce rabbit polyclonal antibody against the protein without further removing Tag.

Aim: To detect presence of the protein from cell lines or tissue by using custom antibody against the target.
Experimental data:

pAb Typical Case 

Outcome: Almost a year later, the customer came back to us for rAb generation because of exciting data obtained by using the pAb. Their concern was whether it has applicable for quickly making rAb by continuing the previous project, not having to start over. As long as you have a project number and identification number for your stored materials, the option is still available for you to choose if you picked any one of the packages above. The customer ended up benefiting from our package offerings.

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