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  • Choose and Prepare correct Antigen
  • Main services for pAb, mAb, rAb and Ab-Eng
  • Antibody-based immunoassay
  • Special antibody development
    • Biomarker antibody
    • Image antibody
    • Proteomics antibody
  • Antibody characterization in Vitro and in Vivo
  • Antibody Epitope mapping plus peptide synthesis
  • Antibody Affinity measurement
  • Antibody pair match and evaluation
  • Antibody conjugation
  • Antibody gene rescue
  • Hybridoma storage program
  • Antibody gene analysis and modification
  • rAb selection and screening from antibody library
  • rAb and Engineered antibody production in both a small and large scales
  • Discovery of diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies
  • Antibody-related product co-development
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