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Antigen - Substance that can be recognized by antibody or T cells. 

Immunogen - Substance able to generate an immune response in the life body.

Hapten - Non-immunogenic substance,usually low molecular weight. Induces antibody formation when coupled to a largerm“carrier” molecule.

Antibody - Special proteins that are part of our body's immune system; ii. B cells produce antibodies to neutralize harmful germs or other foreign substances, called antigens, the antibodies fight inside our body, protecting us from bacteria, viruses, pollen grains and other foreign substances

ScFv - Single-chain Fv. The variable region fragment (Fv) is the smallest antibody portion containing a complete antigen-binding site. It comprises the variable domains of heavy and light chains, VH and VL, respectively, held together by non-covalent forces.

Antibody Format - In general, it includes pAb, mAb and rAb. Furthermore, rAb can be reformatted into a different fragments, designated as rAb formatting fragment, liking scFv, Chimeric, VH, etc.

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