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rAb stands for a recombinant antibody. The third generation of antibody presents for not only breakthrough of antibody technology, but also an extensive expansion of antibody applications. It’s  advantages are over both pAb and mAb, because rAb can be made without using an animal. Thus, we can make an rAb for antigens with toxic and low immunogenicity. Now it becomes feasible to quickly produce an rAb to many small molecules that were pretty difficulty or impossible to do before. rAb is also a successful example to build a link between an antibody and gene. Because of this, any modification on its gene can be easily done to significantly improve its function according to the end user’s purpose. Certainly, rAb can be reformatted into a whole antibody molecule, linking IgG with an effector function.

In many cases, there is no way to generate an antibody through animal immunization. For instance, an antigen is a very small molecule that lacks of a good immunogenicity and antigenicity. It can not induce any immune response in any species of animal.

A big concern is whether it is practically possible to obtain its gene during the making of the antibody.

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